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This is the homepage for the meta-data of Softwerkskammer Wien. It provides resources, such as presentations on past workshops as well as how-to documentation.

The purpose of Softwerkskammer Wien is to represent the Softwerkskammer community in Vienna. It is about learning and extending ones skillset in the area of software engineering without limits regarding programming language or technology.

This page doesn’t contain any current news. To stay up-to-date on any current or upcoming dojos and/or retreats, register with Softwerkskammer mailing list, Software Crafters Vienna Meetup Group, or follow our Twitter user @swkWien. For legacy purposes, there might be the occasional tweet with the hashtag #CodingDojoVie as well.

Past Sessions

This repository on GitHub holds the presentations of past sessions. Completed sessions are added as soon as possible.

Use this as a reference to see what was already done.

How-To for Sessions

The sessions wiki lists all basic information for participants, hosts, organizers and moderators. If you find yourself in one of these roles, or would like to tell someone about it, this is the starting page.

About (Origins)

The organizational unit “swkWien” was previously called “Coding Dojo Vienna”. It was created in late 2013/early 2014 because there simply was no such thing before. The mission statement: Have a programming-language agnostic coding dojo every two weeks in Vienna, with changing hosts and moderators. This was in line with the already existing Softwerkskammer community in the German speaking region, and was focusing on coding dojos exclusively. Yet, the focus on only just coding dojos became a bit narrow, and we’ve been considered the Viennese representatives for the Softwerkskammer anyway. Add some potential name clashes with “Coder Dojo”, we’ve decided to rename in early 2018.

A coding dojo is a meeting where programmers of any experience level get together and work on small exercises to improve their skills. They code, learn and have fun away from distractions common in regular office-time. A coding dojo provides a safe environment to tackle topics ranging from design over programming to tools and the like.

Further References